Tactical Walls VMod Modular Vehicle Storage Solutions

How you outfit your vehicle for a day out at the range, a weekend off-roading on the trails, or for your daily commute can differ quite a bit. If you’re at the range, you will want to have your guns and gear laid out and ready to use. On the other hand, if you and your truck are climbing over rocks, you will want to have recovery gear ready—just in case. The layout and gear pretty much depends on your chosen activity. What doesn’t change is your need for a reliable method of storing and presenting it all.

Tactical Walls, makers of in-home firearm storage solutions, has invaded the automotive world by grafting their popular wall-mounted modular storage fixtures onto the tailgates of popular vehicles such as Jeep Wrangler and Toyota FJ Cruiser. The VMod system consists of a slotted VMod panel that mounts to your Jeep or FJ Cruiser’s tailgate interior and gives you the ability to have a modular storage solution to securely organize gear, tools, straps, firearms, and more, all mounted directly to the tailgate. 

Compatible with accessories from Tactical Walls’ in-home ModWall system, VMod can be configured using any number of ModWall’s wide variety of gear mounting fixtures. For those who are not familiar with the ModWall system, the concept is simple. ModWall (and VMod) panels are made of sturdy, non-abrasive plastic and have slots cut into them that securely accept each ModWall fixture’s mounting screws. The fixture slides into position on the panel from either end. 

Once mounted, the fixtures stay securely in place and can be used to mount any number or type of items. Removal or adjustment of the fixtures are just as simple; slide the fixure off, and you’re done. ModWall fixtures allow multiple items to be strapped in securely or mounted to a wide array of accessory fixtures, some of which are magnetic for even greater utility. Dedicated fixtures include rifle and pistol mounts, magazine mounts of all sizes, and even plate carrier and helmet mounts, too.

Installation of the VMod panel took us literally about five minutes on a Jeep Wrangler JK. Installation required removing a piece of interior trim from the tailgate and using a power screwdriver to drive eight self-tapping screws to hold the VMod panel in place. The panel slid into place on to its mounting bracket within seconds. Other than the holes made by the screws, which are in an area that would normally be hidden by the factory interior trim, nothing is permanent with this installation. After screwing the VMod panel into place on the tailgate, we slid a number of fixtures into place. This helped us create secure equipment mounts for our tools, guns, and gear.

This system allows you to not only configure the VMod panel to suit your mission requirements, but also swap out entire pre-outfitted VMod panels to fit your needs. You can prepare multiple panels with gear ready to go for any type of activity. For an all-day range day, have a panel configured with your shooting gear. Going fishing the next day? Swap out the range-day panel for your gone-fishin’ panel. It’s that easy. 

The modular storage solution VMod brought our Jeep has been a godsend. To swing the tailgate open and have instant access to our most-used tools made us realize that this was a solution we didn’t know that we needed. 

Additionally, in helping us eliminate tool bags and hard-sided cases, it helped us free up much-needed space for other cargo. The VMod system’s sheer modularity and breadth of various attachments makes it, frankly, fun to layout. Call us organizationally obsessed, borderline OCD. We’re confident if you get your own VMod system going, you’ll find yourself obsessively organizing your vehicular-borne gear as well.

The VMod system is available for Jeep Wrangler TJ, JL, JK and their Rubicon siblings, as well as Toyota FJ Cruiser. As we’ve come to expect from Tactical Walls, the system is made domestically in the United States and comes in a complete package that includes the VMod tailgate panel, base plate mounting bracket, and several ModWall fixtures to help get your organizing started.

Text by Martin Anders and images Courtesy of the Manufacturer

Tactical Walls
MSRP: $199

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