Desert Tactical and SC-14® Gun Cleaner

Desert Tactical LLC, the new family-owned business based in St. George, Utah, with a mission to provide a safe, non-toxic gun cleaner for hunting and shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement, military, and firearms manufacturers, has partnered with SC Products Group LLC to bring the all-new SC-14® Gun Cleaner to market this January. 

Made in the USA, SC-14® Gun Cleaner is manufactured by SC Products Group LLC in Dallas, Texas, and marketed and distributed by Desert Tactical.

“Our partner, SC Products Group, has decades of experience developing category-leading cleaning products that are safe for the user, the environment, and the surfaces that they clean,” said Melissa Stone, President of Desert Tactical LLC. “Now we’re proud to introduce the all-new SC-14® Gun Cleaner that provides exceptional cleaning performance while also being safe for you and the environment. SC-14® Gun Cleaner is safe for you, the environment, and the things you love.”

SC-14® Gun Cleaner safely removes carbon, lead, and copper fouling. The proprietary formula uniquely targets oil, grease, soot, and other types of hydrocarbons. SC-14® Gun Cleaner is a demulsifier, engineered to attach to hydrocarbons and lift them from the surface, resulting in safe and effective cleaning of firearms both inside and out.  

SC-14® Gun Cleaner does not contain any harsh or caustic chemicals. Its main driving ingredient, a food grade additive, creates a perfect non-toxic, biodegradable cleaner that is:  Safe for You, the Environment, and the Things You Love.

“SC Products Group has manufactured and distributed safe cleaners and detergents across the country and internationally with a focus on cancer prevention for fire fighters for more than 20 years,” Stone said. “The family of SC Products cleaners are industry-leaders cleaning hard surfaces and fabrics on everything from fire trucks to high performance off-road vehicles.” 

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