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With so many cool everyday carry items available on the market, how do you choose what to carry? For some the choice is dependent upon available carry space and for others it’s all about need. We agree that function is probably the most important factor when selecting what to carry, but we do insist that fun and style be factored into the equation as well. After all, what’s the fun of carrying an EDC set up if you don’t include a few items that you enjoy looking at or playing with?

In this edition of Every Day Carry, we look at two set ups that include important tools that also inject a bit of fun as well. We also examine a variety of different items that can be used for daily as well as emergency uses.

Dot Dash
Portal Polarized
MSRP: $40
URL: dot-shades.com

MSRP: $110
URL: leatherman.com

Titan Plus
MSRP: $100
URL: surefire.com

04 Symphonized
NRG 3.0 In-Ear Wood Headphones
MSRP: $26
URL: symphonized.com

OOAK Forge
Aluminum Straight Shooter Slingshot
MSRP: $70
URL: ooakforge.com

Our 2¢: This One Of A Kind Aluminum slingshot, is designed and handmade in Portland, Oregon with the intention of it lasting generations. The slingshot easily fits into the palm of your hand or back pocket and tucks into MOLLE webbing nicely. Even though the slingshot is compact, it is completely functional and fun to use.

The Rotor
MSRP: $125 (out of production)
URL: billetspin.com

Our 2¢: If you thought tops were just for kids and Leo in Inception, you’re wrong. BilletSpin makes high quality, collectible tops that are fine pieces of machined art. The Rotor shown here spins on a ceramic bearing and weighs roughly 48 grams. Each top can be ordered in a combination of metals, even in Damascus. The Rotor is out of production, but many more limited edition designs are available.

Holtz Leather Company
Tennessee Whiskey Barrel .30 Caliber Bolt Action Pen
MSRP: $59
URL: holtzleather.com

Our 2¢: We shouldn’t have to explain why this pen is so badass, just look at it! It features a bolt action to deploy the pen’s .30 caliber tip and the barrel of the pen is made of wood from an authentic Jack Daniel’s Whiskey barrel. It comes with a leather pen sleeve that can be personalized with your initials. Handmade in Huntsville, Alabama.

Sharknivco Co. Ryu Japanese
Price Paid: $1,050
URL: instagram.com/sharknivco

Our 2¢: Knife: To say that Edison Barajas’s Sharknivco knives are highly sought after in the knife collector’s world is a big time understatement. His unique creations are hand made out of top quality materials and crafted with upmost focus on the details. To be able to buy one, one must be placed on a waiting list. This Ryu Japanese features darkened orange peel scales, Bohler Elmax blade steel and a Timascus pocket clip and pivot.

Expedition Rugged Core Analog 43mm
MSRP: $50
URL: timex.com

Metal Comb Works
Compact Brass Comb + Leather Sheath
MSRP: $41
URL: metalcombworks.com

Our 2¢: Servicing both general purpose use and beards, this compact sized comb is offered in a tumble polished finish in Marine Grade Naval Brass and Grade 5 Titanium. Both will darken to a nice patina over time. The brass comb shown is shaped with a bottle opener in it and is matched with a Horween leather sheath. Simply beautiful.

Core Survival
Magnesium Fire Starter (5-in-1) Tactical Keychain
MSRP: $16
URL: coresurvivalgear.com

Our 2¢: You probably won’t need to use this piece daily, but if you ever needed it you’ll be glad that you carried it. This 5-in-1 tool crams a magnesium flint rod, flint striker, a small tinder compartment with tinder cotton ball and glass breaker all in a thin, pen shaped keychain. Be prepared for an emergency or disaster without taking up much of your carry space.

Metal Comb Works
Brass Camp Icons Key Fob
MSRP: $29 (4 pack, assorted designs)
URL: metalcombworks.com

Text and Images by Staff

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EDC – Everyday Carry 005

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