Ucon Hawk

Hatchets have proven their usefulness over the years, time and time again. They are great for splitting smaller pieces of wood, chopping branches, limbs, and even small trees when necessary. They’re helpful when you need to clear a country road of debris and you forgot your chainsaw again. Some people even prefer them to large chopping knives. That’s why the Ucon Hawk was made. 

This tool is similar in dimension to the Hammer Hawk, but it is a little lighter and made with 1095 instead of 1075. TOPS famous differential heat treat gives a tool that will be strong and hold its edge very well. The handles are made from a new material that mixes layers of G10 and rubber to provide maximum grip. The portion of the tang between the handle and the bit is rounded allowing the user to choke up for detailed cuts. So this can do all of the jobs of a hatchet and some of the jobs of a knife. It comes with a 2-piece leather sheath so that it can be carried multiple ways with safety in mind. It’s sure to become the go-to hatchet in your collection. 

Overall Length: 15.0”
Blade Length: 4.87”
Cutting Edge: 4.87”
Blade Thickness: 0.25”
Blade Steel: 1095 RC 56-58
Blade Finish: Tumble finish
Handle Material: Black Canvas Micarta – Black/Orange SureTouch G10
Knife Weight: 31.1oz
Weight w/ Sheath: 35.6oz
Sheath Material: Black Leather
Sheath Clip: Belt Loop
Designer: Leo Espinoza
MSRP: $330

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