Lone Wolf Arms LTD19

Those who have any familiarity with Glock upgrades are more than likely to have heard of Lone Wolf Arms. The name has become known as a top-tier industry standard for extremely reliable yet subtle upgrades for Glock firearms for more than two decades. Almost anything that can be upgraded on a Glock, Lone Wolf Arms can do it. And do it well they have, becoming one of the most well-known names in the industry over the years.

Naturally, the next evolution for the company was introducing its own line of handguns, completely kitted-out with its own custom parts. Many competitors purchase off-the-shelf Glock inventory then mill and polish them for their own upgrades, and while many do an incredible job, it can come at the expense of reliability and longevity. Lone Wolf has a distinct advantage here – they make all their own parts from raw materials, in-house, on state-of-the-art CNC machines, and with decades of experience and pride in manufacturing.

The recently introduced Lone Wolf Arms LTD19 (Lightweight Tactical Defense) pistol is Lone Wolf’s take on a near-perfect Glock. Although we’ll agree the term “perfect” is quite subjective, judging by the quality of the internals and overall look of the slide and frame, LFA did a fantastic job. Everything is as one would expect from a top-shelf firearm. 

For those looking for a reliable and accurate handgun that already has the upgrades one might otherwise add to a factory Glock, the LTD19 has you covered—and at a reasonable price. The only modification I made to mine was adding Night Fision Costa night sights, and removal of the magwell, which, while functional, I felt detracted from the overall look of the firearm, as well as concealability if this gun was to be carried. 

When shopping for a new firearm or making upgrades, you must always bear in mind reliability is not always achieved when adding aftermarket parts. When your life potentially depends on it, the last thing you want is for the gun to go “click.” On the other hand, accuracy should not come at the expense of reliability, unless of course it’s a firearm intended for sport, not self-defense. This is where Lone Wolf’s experience in manufacturing aftermarket parts has achieves the pinnacle of both reliability and accuracy. 

So many manufacturers seriously overdo firearms with a very “Gucci” look, removing so much material from stock Glock slides to give a very modern design but weakening them in the process. We have seen many a cracked slide from just this issue. This is where the LTD19 shines: The slides are milled from raw aluminum and not too much material has been removed from the high-stress places where it really counts. Where material is removed, the CNC machining is done precisely with no leftover machining marks. The front serrations on the slide impart the perfect surface area for my large hands to get a superior purchase while racking without any potential slippage. 

The lightening cuts and windows running along both sides of the slide not only add a simple design element, breaking up the normally “blocky” slide, but are placed so they don’t decrease operational strength. There are two slide variations available depending on your taste – nitride and stainless, both offering reduced reciprocating mass that results in both quicker cycling and less perceived recoil than on a standard Glock 19.

One of the many upgrades people make to a stock Glock, after improving the trigger, is a grip reduction. Personally, I find stock Glocks grips to be abhorrent. Even though I have big hands the grips are still just too big. Not to mention the Glock’s point of aim. While everyone is uniquely different, I find Glocks tend to point high. To fix this most of my Glocks have had a grip reduction done. 

Lone Wolf has put a lot of thought into this exact issue on the Timberwolf frame. They’ve angled the grip so it points much more naturally than an unmodified Glock. However, if you’re a purist and like the stock Glock’s point of aim, they’ve also included a small backstrap to modify your grip and add some girth to accomplish exactly that.

The texture on the frame feels remarkably similar to stock—it’s not too aggressive, but won’t give you the feeling the gun will slip right out of your hands. I’d be comfortable enough carrying IWB without issue, but a purely personal preference would be something a bit more aggressive.

Overall the LTD19 is indeed a big step up from a standard Glock handgun. While only slightly more costly than a stock Glock, you should consider adding in the parts to upgrade one to to this level. Our feeling is you would end up spending more in time and money than the retail price point of the LTD19 out the door.

The LTD19 and Glock upgrades are available at local retailers and direct from Lone Wolf Arms at lonewolfdist.com.

The generous, radiused undercut eliminates “Glock knuckle,” permits a higher grip for reduced perceived recoil, and permits larger-handed shooters to enjoy the concealability of a compact firearm.

A relieved-radius tang assists in a higher grip, effectively lowering the bore axis while also distributing recoil impulse safely across the web of the hand without beating on thumb knuckle. The extended beavertail shields the hand from slide movement and disperses recoil impulse.

Unlike many other Glock-pattern alternatives, the LTD is not the result of simple geometry changes or the polishing of new old-stock parts, but rather the culmination of decades of experience. Lone Wolf Arms has seen trends rise and fall, fielded thousands of customer comments and questions, and learned what truly improves the platform.

The LTD is the culmination of that experience and provides the same capacity as its inspiration, but thanks to the Timberwolf Frame, it also offers a slimmer, more natural feel. Spec junkies will also note that the LTD pistols are also lighter than the originals. Critical ounces have been removed from the slide for a pistol that cycles quicker, recoils less, and carries more comfortably.

Text & Images by David “TracerX” Thorson

Lone Wolf Arms LTD19


Caliber: 9mm 
Weight unloaded: 19 oz.
Length: 7.16 in.
Barrel Length: 4 in.
Height (inc. magwell): 4.77 in.
Width (slide): 0.99 in.
Width (frame): 1.13 in.
Width (magwell): 1.49 in.
Sight Radius: 5.9 in.
Trigger Pull: 6.5 lbs
Control Upgrades: Stainless steel guide rod, enlarged mag release, enlarged slide stop/release

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