B.E. Meyers ODG MAWL-C1+

Partnering with B.E. Meyers, TNVC has released a limited run of the industry-leading MAWL-C1+ laser anodized in olive drab green (ODG). The Modular Advanced Weapon Laser (MAWL) is a full-featured infrared and visible green aiming and illumination laser offering improved ergonomics, interface, and performance.

The MAWL addresses the use-of-space and ergonomic shortcomings of lasers on short carbines like the SOCOM Mk18, mounting offset from the rail to minimize impact on hand position and optic field of view. This offset placement of the laser’s body locates the onboard “fire” buttons directly over the rail clamp, and its low profile creates easy access to the controls, allowing the operator to maintain his firing grip while actuating the laser.

The modular design allows the head and tail to separate from the body, trade places, and be reassembled on the opposite side, making it completely ambidextrous. It also features a toolless tail cap that allows easy battery replacement and removes the possibility of accidental disassembly that could lead to loss or shift of zero.

Class 1+ is a new category in eye-safe laser safety; B.E. Meyers claims to have developed a system that outperforms competitive units while still abiding by FDA variance.

Controls are designed to be intuitive. Output modes change by rotating the front bezel to expose the appropriate emitter. The two fire buttons control the illuminator beam divergence and pattern. Power output is adjusted with a top-mounted sliding switch, wherein the mode—short-, mid,- and long-range—is easily determined through feel.

MSRP: $3,000

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