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What you choose to carry says a lot about you. Are you the type that meticulously curates their EDC? Maybe it’s the OCD in you that pushes you to color coordinate your gear or side with one type of material over another. Or perhaps you don’t give a damn as long as the equipment is useful and will last. One thing is for sure; EDCs are as varied as our personalities. 

Most of us choose to carry a select array of tools and accessories everyday that combine to accomplish just about any job; with them, you’re ready for Macgyverism at its best. That said, not just any tool will do. We expect only the highest quality items that are worth not only their price, but also their weight to carry on a daily basis. Junk need not apply. 

AE1200WH-1A Classic
MSRP: $25
URL: casio.com

Our 2¢: Scoff if you will, but the old classic Casio that looks like the watch that the nerds in Revenge of the Nerds wear is accurate, lightweight and can take a real beating. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters and features illumination and keeps track of 31 time zones. It’s cheap to boot, so incase you lose it battling sharks or fighting off Mugatu, affording a replacement wouldn’t be a stretch.

Sage 5
MSRP: $230
URL: spyderco.com

Our 2¢: This folding knife comes with carbon fiber-look handles and is outfitted with Spyderco’s renowned Compression Lock mechanism. The Sage 5 features a full-flat-ground, leaf-shaped CPM S30V blade, a handle with textured forefinger choil and thumb ramp, and a reversible tip-up wire clip. As if that isn’t enough, a portion of the sale of every Spyderco Sage Series folder is donated to the National Alzheimer’s Association of Denver, Colorado. It’s good knife with a good cause.

Munich Wallet
MSRP: $35
URL: kavaj.com

Our 2¢: This slim and lightweight wallet is made from 100% genuine leather and is finished in a cognac brown tone. It closes with a convenient brass push button and features two main compartments for cash, ID documents and business cards plus nine slots for credit cards. We especially like its slim profile and its easy card retrieval.

2.0 Leather
MSRP: $40
URL: orbitkey.com

Our 2¢: Simple design is timeless. The elegant looking 2.0 Leather key ring is made from genuine cowhide leather and is created using a unique mix of hand-crafted and highly precise automated processes. It is capable of retaining between two to seven keys and best of all, when the keys are retracted into its leather cover, it reduces audible key jingle to near silence. A premium D-ring attachment is included.

Pocket Tactical Pen
MSRP: $10
URL: amazon.com

Our 2¢: CNC machined out of polished stainless steel, this keychain pen was designed with every day carry usage in mind. Unscrew the threaded and rubber O-ring equipped end to reveal a useful ballpoint pen. The other end of the pen contains a glass breaker tool that can also be used as a defensive weapon if need be. This pen comes with two replacement pen refills.

Elan Publishing
Indestructible Field Book
MSRP: $9
URL: elanpublish.com

Our 2¢: In the age of smartphones, who carries around a paper notebook anymore? Anyone who has his or her crap together should have something to write on that doesn’t depend on a battery. Whether you’re writing down your DOPE, important information or the number that you just scored, this pocket-sized book features a waterproof outside cover and an inside paper that is specially formulated for maximum archival service and water resistance.

Concealment EXPRESS
MSRP: $35
URL: concealmentexpress.com

Ruger Firearms
MSRP: $449
URL: ruger.com

iPhone 7 Plus
MSRP: $769 (128 GB)
URL: apple.com

MSRP: $159
URL: apple.com

Text and Images by Staff

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