EDC – Everyday Carry 001

What you choose to carry says a lot about you. Are you the type that meticulously curates their EDC? Maybe it’s the OCD in you that pushes you to color coordinate your gear or side with one type of material over another. Or perhaps you don’t give a damn as long as the equipment is useful and will last. One thing is for sure; EDCs are as varied as our personalities. 

Most of us choose to carry a select array of tools and accessories everyday that combine to accomplish just about any job; with them, you’re ready for Macgyverism at its best. That said, not just any tool will do. We expect only the highest quality items that are worth not only their price, but also their weight to carry on a daily basis. Junk need not apply. 

Slide 3.0
MSRP: $88 (as configured)
URL: mykeyport.com

Our 2¢: Keyport has been at the forefront of the anti-messy key chain revolution for years. Their latest iteration of their famed Swiss Army knife meets key chain is the Keyport Slide 3.0. This all-metal, one-hand accessible modular multi-tool consolidates your existing keys and combines them with optional tool inserts, such as a USB flash drive, pen, knife, mini-flashlight – and more, into a single unit. Available in 4-Port and 6-Port versions.

Beta QRV2
MSRP: $59
URL: darksucks.com

Liong Mah Designs
XV Folder
MSRP: $500
URL: liongmah.com

Our 2¢: Famed knife maker Liong Mah celebrates his 15th anniversary with his
first integral handle folder and is it a beautiful one. Featuring a hand ground four-inch S35VN steel blade, only 300 examples of this limited offering are being made. Available in four different finishes, this first batch knife is completed in a belt satin finish with stonewash handle.

JH Audio
MSRP: $1,855 (as configured)
URL: JHAudio.com

Our 2¢: If you’re serious about your passion – whatever it may be, you’ll want to use what the pros use. In the case of music, countless professional musicians turn to Jerry Harvey Audio for their in-ear monitors. The Roxanne offers -26dB of isolation, eliminating ambient noise, which is critical for musicians and audiophiles alike. This ability to block outside sounds not only enhances the listening experience, but also allows lower listening volumes that reduce potential hearing damage. Each Roxanne is custom molded and made just for your ears.

Chord Electronics
Mojo – DAC/Amp
MSRP: $529
URL: chordelectronics.co.uk

Our 2¢: If you’re still listening to music over your phone, you might as well be listening to it on cassette tape. We’re confident that you’ll agree after you sample the incredible sound quality that the Mojo pumps out. Mojo is billed as the world’s most advanced portable digital to analogue converter DAC/Headphone amplifier. This music player can not only make your music sound better, but will drive any pair of headphones you plug in to it.

Rite in the Rain
All-Weather Trekker Pen
MSRP: $38
URL: riteintherain.com

Our 2¢: If you’re going to carry a pen, it might as well be one that writes in any condition that you could possibly find yourself. This all-weather metal pen can write on wet paper and thanks to its pressurized ink cartridge, it can also write upside down and perform flawlessly in temperatures from -30ºF to 250ºF – all without the worry of leaking ink, evaporation or ink blowing up in your pocket. The 4-inch long pen is loaded with black ink

Pub, Carbon Fiber
MSRP: $30
URL: kershaw.kaiusaltd.com

Our 2¢: If keeping a low profile is your thing, you’ll appreciate the Pub. At a quick glance, you wouldn’t realize that there was a handy blade hidden inside this key ring. Designed by custom knife maker Dmitry Sinkevich, the Pub also features a bottle opener and a slotted screwdriver tip right next to the bottle opener. The modified sheepsfoot blade with a straight edge and is finished with a slick looking carbon fiber front scale.

Louis Vuitton
Pocket Organizer
MSRP: $385
URL: us.louisvuitton.com

Cosmograph Daytona
MSRP: $13,995
URL: rolex.com

2017 NSX Key/FOB
MSRP: $279
URL: acura.com

iPhone 8 Plus
MSRP: $949 (256 GB)
URL: apple.com

Text and Images by Staff

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EDC – Everyday Carry 002

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