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With so many cool everyday carry items available on the market, how do you choose what to carry? For some the choice is dependent upon available carry space and for others it’s all about need. We agree that function is probably the most important factor when selecting what to carry, but we do insist that fun and style be factored into the equation as well. After all, what’s the fun of carrying an EDC set up if you don’t include a few items that you enjoy looking at or playing with?

In this edition of Every Day Carry, we look at two set ups that include important tools that also inject a bit of fun as well. We also examine a variety of different items that can be used for daily as well as emergency uses.

Kizer Knives
V3488A1 Vanguard Mini Sheepdog
MSRP: $99
URL: knifejoy.com

Anker Astro E1
MSRP: $20
URL: anker.com

Our 2¢: With 10 million loyal users and counting, Anker has a track record for producing reliable USB chargers, including the Astro E1. This compact charger can top off the power level on devices such as your Apple or Android smartphone twice and even a Nintendo Switch once. This is a great option for on the go daily power.

Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet & Key Organizer Set
MSRP: $25
URL: teejayonline.com

Key Smart
Nano Torch
MSRP: $20
URL: getkeysmart.com

Metal Comb Works
Titanium Skulls
MSRP: $20 (3 pack)
URL: metalcombworks.com

CRKT Knife Maintenance Tool
MSRP: $30
URL: crkt.com

Our 2¢: Designed by Tom Stokes in Williamsburg, Virginia, the CRKT Knife Maintenance Tool is a compact and lightweight tool that keeps what might be your most useful tool in your EDC carry up and running. It’s equipped with T6 and T8 Torx bits, tungsten carbide field sharpener, and a ceramic honing edge.

Z-Tools Zipper Pulls
MSRP: $40 (4 pack, assorted tools)
URL: amazon.com

TEC Accessories PicoPen Ti
MSRP: $43
URL: tecaccessories.com

Our 2¢: The PicoPen Ti features titanium construction and a unique rare-Earth magnetic cap closure for one-handed operation. Its low profile shape is perfect for keychain or pocket duty, yet its increased body diameter and length are great for comfortable extended writing sessions. The pen uses standard Zebra F-refills for super smooth writing.

SIG Sauer
P320 Nitron Subcompact
MSRP: $679
URL: sigsauer.com
(Step by step custom stippling is shown in DIY.)

Casio Edifice EQB-501D-1ACF
MSRP: $298
URL: edifice-watches.com

Our 2¢: With Casio’s renown DNA for reliable and tough watches built into it, the Edifice is a dressier and technology packed option to their popular G Shock line of wristwatches. The EQB-501 is part of the Edifice Smartphone Link Series that connects to a smartphone app by Bluetooth to keep time settings accurate as well as access to other features.

MSRP: $12
URL: kershaw.kaiusaltd.com

MSRP: $60
URL: sogknives.com

Our 2¢: One way to never be without your multi-tool is to always have it on yourself. There are times when having a metal brick in your pocket just isn’t feasible. For those times, the SOG Sync II is the perfect companion. This multi-tool is designed to be worn as a belt buckle or clipped on a pack strap or boot. That way your multi-tool is with you anywhere you go.

MSRP: $54

URL :streamlight.com

Images and Words by Staff

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