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It’s always interesting to see what someone’s EDC set up contains. One item that may be crucial to one person can be completely neglected by another. Of course, this variation in what gear one carries is a part of what makes EDC’s so interesting to look at. 

Some like to have the right tool for the right job and insist on carrying enough to tackle anything that come in their way, while others keep it simple and pair down their needs to as simple a set up as possible. Which items are most important to you? The every day carry ensembles that are featured in this department contain a wide variety of pieces that appeal to people of differing requirements and tastes. 

Lontect iPhone 8 Case – Non Slip Wood
MSRP: $10
URL: 01      
Lontect iPhone 8 Case – Non Slip Wood
MSRP: $10
URL: amazon.com

Our 2¢: There’s nothing like the feel of wood. This iPhone case is made of both real wood and a shock absorbing hybrid plastic-silicone material called TPU. Combining the soothing touch of wood with the protective properties of TPU allows this smartphone case to look as good as it functions. We especially like how its slightly raised edges protect the phone’s screen when it is laid face down a flat surface.

Colt Firearms Colt Junior .25 ACP
MSRP: out of production
URL: colt.com

Our 2¢: What’s not to like about this smaller-than-pocket-size pistol made by Colt. You may be thinking, .25 caliber? What’s that good for? Well, don’t be so quick to judge. The .25 ACP, while small in size, can pack quite a wallop. We like the classic looks, but the drawback is that as far as we know, its no longer in production.

Katsu Razor Pocket Folding Knife
MSRP: $70
URL: everydaycarry.com

Our 2¢: There’s just something special about Damascus bladed knives. Measuring only 4.5-inches when folded and 7.5-inches when extended, the knife has a 3-inch Damascus steel blade and a Snake Wood handle. This Japanese style folder features a sharp blade and one handed opening lever for quick blade deployment.

Rain3 Wood In-ear headphone
MSRP: $90
URL: thinksound.com

Timex iQ+ Move Metro
MSRP: $200
URL: timex.com

Our 2¢: The simple look of this watch is what drew us to it. When we found out that it’s Bluetooth capable and is packed full of features such as an activity tracker that can connect to your smart phone via a Timex App, we were intrigued. A fourth hand on the dial tracks your daily steps, distance and percent to goal. If you ever get boared of looking at it, it also features quick release straps so you can easily change its look.

Aviator Classic
MSRP: $153
URL: rayban.com

Fisher Space Pen
Bullet Space Pen, Gold Lacquered Brass
MSRP: $26
URL: spacepen.com

KeeKom Multifunctional Fire Starter Paracord Keychain
MSRP: $9
URL: keekom.com

Our 2¢: What is an EDC good for if you don’t have paracord stashed away someplace? In this case, the paracord itself is also stashing away another useful tool, a fire starter. The keychain is made up of quality MIL-C 5040 Type III paracord and is wound around a cryptocrystalline quartz flint rod for fire starting in virtually any weather condition.

Olight Solid Copper Limited Edition Flashlight
MSRP: $59
URL: olightworld.com

Our 2¢: Copper is an eye-catching color isn’t it? This classic, almost steam punk looking flashlight comes with a ring for key ring attachment and is sized perfectly for EDC use. Don’t let it’s diminutive size fool you, it is capable of up to 120 lumens of light, running off a single AAA battery, nonetheless. Great looks, useful functionality, sign us up.

Leather wallet
Bi Fold Slim Wallet
MSRP: $22
URL: amazon.com

Text and Images by Staff

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