MOE PR Carbine Stock (Mil-Spec)

Built on the simple-is-better concept, the MOE PR sticks with proven Magpul design and features, as well as incorporating a feature set found on the company’s higher-end precision stocks. From the rest on the front edge of the stock—which allows the shooter’s support hand to apply rearward pressure on the stock to secure it in the shoulder for precise shot placement—to the bottom of the stock’s frame, which also serves as a bag rider, the MOE PR is geared toward shooters wanting a stock designed to place shots at distance without extra weight or bulk, enhancing mobility. Other features include a sloping cheek weld that combines a slim profile with user comfort and a non-slip rubber buttpad that increases impact protection, allows for easier shoulder transitions, and makes for a better fit with body armor. With an M-LOK slot molded into the stock’s rear, users can attach a sling using the slot as a footman’s loop or by adding the Magpul M-LOK QD sling mount to one or both sides of the slot. Available colors include black, FDE, and ODG.


Minimalist, lightweight design
Support-hand rest on front strap to minimize movement
Bottom support acts as a bag rider for shooting rests
CTR cheek riser compatible (for firearms without a rear-operating charging handle)
M-LOK slot for QD sling mount/footman’s loop

MSRP: $45


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