Personalized Spyderco Spydiechef

On its face, a knife is a simple tool, one seemingly as old as mankind itself. Dive deeper and you may discover that a knife isn’t quite as simple as it may seem. Sure, its main job is to cut, slice, or stab. How it goes about these tasks and how well it executes them comes down to many factors, including its shape, how it’s made, and what materials it’s made from.

The knife you see before you is a modified Spyderco Spydiechef owned by one Dean Brown. He is an avid saltwater fisherman, and as such he has gone through many budget knives that succumbed to the corrosion brought on by the salty environs of the ocean air and, of course, by seawater itself. Understanding this, his wife bought him a Spyderco Pacific for his birthday some years ago.

Featuring a corrosion-proof blade and low-light-visible yellow handle, the Spyderco Pacific was the ultimate EDC folder for an ocean angler. Brown loved using it, but his wife rarely touched it since it usually carried the scent and remnants of fish or bait on it. She did, however, notice that the blade was getting smaller and thinner from years of sharpening and honing.

For Father’s Day this year she bought him a replacement, this Spyderco Spydiechef. The design concept, as the name states, is a folding knife suited for chef and EDC duties. Equipped with a corrosion-proof LC200N blade and titanium scales, it was also perfect for use as a fisherman’s EDC blade.

One issue that Brown had while testing out his new knife was that the flat titanium scales became slippery when his hands were wet. Wanting texture like the FRN handle on his Pacific, he searched for ways to improve the titanium scales. Using a Dremel rotary tool fitted with sanding drums and steel brushes, he was able to create added texture without altering the overall lines of the design. After imparting a non-slip patina to the scales, he decided to go ahead and give them some color, too. He applied a burnt-bronze finish to the scales using a home titanium anodizing kit. The end result is textured scales that not only provide additional grip, but a finish that gives the knife a “custom” look he intends to enjoy for years to come.

Overall it’s a simple yet clean aesthetic—which, incidentally, probably won’t stay that way for long. Brown told us that he has a tuna fishing expedition coming up soon and that his personalized Spyderco Spydiechef will be along for the ride—where we’re sure that it’ll end up covered in fish bits.

Text by Chris Lee and images by Michael Grey

Personalized Spyderco Spydiechef
Owner: Dean Brown
Occupation: Textiles
Special Thanks: My wonderful wife Jill and my fishing buddies, Will, Joe, Greg, and Andy

Model: Spydiechef
Model Number: C211TI
MSRP: $335
Designer: Marcin Slysz

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