Atibal Illumination

Ai-1 Light Head

The Ai-1 is the result of a conversation discussing the need for a light source that could facilitate long-range precision shooting under cover of darkness, featuring a reach out to 3,000 feet and max output of 335 lumens. It features a powerful emitter with a lamp embedded in a ceramic resonator, giving it incredible light concentration and throwing ability. The body is precision-machined from aluminum alloy with an anodized hardcoat. Features include reverse-polarity and over-discharge protection, no-PWM, no-noise, and temperature control functions, and a multi-coated anti-reflection tempered-glass lens. The Ai-1 is compatible with any 18650 or 18350 light body; runtime is 1 hour with a 18350 battery or 3 hours with a 18650 battery. 

MSRP: $300

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