Danger Close Armament CZ P-10 C

  • Customized by Danger Close Armament
  • Chambered in 9x19mm
  • Available as a complete gun or customize your own

When one looks to enhance a factory handgun there areoften conflicting opinions to sort through. These opinions are usually based on the perceived benefits, cost, quality of work and mindset behind the modifications. The reality is quality enhancement that improves the performance of a pistol can often be a wise investment. 

When I was first handed a gun serviced by firearm customizing company, Danger Close Armament (DCA), at Triggrcon 2017, I was immediately impressed with the customizer’s attention to detail and level of craftsmanship. The Danger Close modified handguns I handled showed a level of execution that is among the best that I have seen. When the opportunity to check out the CZSignature Build arose, I immediately said yes. It has been a handgun that I was looking forward to shooting since I first handled it.

The featured gun you see before you started out as a factory stock CZ P-10 C chambered in 9mm. On its own, the CZ offers plenty of great features directly out of the box, but that doesn’t mean things can’t be improved upon however. Danger Close offers their customers several customization options to enhance not only performance but aesthetics as well. 

The customized sample we spent time with came equipped with a Trijicon Type 2 RMR with DCA’s custom lower 1/3rd co-witness iron sights and an INFORCE APLc compact light. The whole package was lightweight and well balanced for a mid-size handgun of this configuration. I carried this gun in an off-duty role for a short time with a locally made kydex inside-the-waistband holster. Even with the light and optic, the gun carried well and wasn’t uncomfortable or overly heavy.

The real focus of this enhanced P-10 C is on the work that was done to the frame and slide. Starting with the slide, DCA added top serrations that perfectly matched the factory front serrations. I could easily write another article on just handgun manipulation with front serrations, but the short version is that I am a fan of front serrations. The top serrations added are placed in alignment with the factory serrations and are executed so well you’d swear they were factory. Their angle and depth were perfect. The added serrations give a very positive grip when manipulating the slide, conducting a status check or when used for one-handed clearances if needed. The slide was refinished after machining with a very durable and clean AlTiN (aluminum titanium nitride) coating. Several other available services offered include a sprayed finish; this, again, shows the level of dedication to quality by DCA.

Where I spent some significant time in admiring this gun wason the grip and texturing. Out of the box the P-10 C is a comfortable gun. The grip angle, width, and lack of finger grooves all make for a nice grip. With some slight re-shaping and the application of DCA’s proprietary “Brain texture” stippling with recessed borders, we have what really amounts to a work of art. The particulargun I received also had a Cerakote finish offering some contrast and a unique look. The texture and borders are sowell done, that the frame looks like it came that way from the factory. 

As someone who has stippled and retextured a few guns with some decent results, I can appreciate quality work when I see it. The time and precision required to make an excellent stippling job come to life are not know by a lot of people. Many think just taking a heated iron and going to the grip is all you need, but that simply is not the case. Making straight, smooth borders that follow the factory lines of the handgun don’t come by chance or luck. While borders aren’t necessary of a good grip, they offer a look of distinction from the grip pad and the rest of the frame. The borders show a commitment to not just adding texture but truly enhancing the appearance and presentation of the work done. 

The stippling texture is also very well done. The surface offers a good amount of friction with the gripping hands without being sharp. I am a firm believer that having a good friction grip on a handgun is an under-emphasized critical skill. Having apattern on the grip that increases the friction from the gun to the shooter’s hand makes recoil management and tracking your sights more manageable. Competent shooters know that the more surfaceof the grip they can engage with their hands, the better. There also is a balance of surface texture and comfort that must be maintained with a carry gun. While one may prefer an aggressive skateboard tape on a competition gun, that same surface could be uncomfortable against your skin when carrying the gun for extended periods and would likely tear up concealment garments.

Danger Close’s Brain pattern not only looks good, but offered tractionin my hands and carried well against my body. Additionally, I didn’t notice any wear or damage to my clothing. I liked the irregular pattern and appearance of the surface. I am not one to prioritize fashion of function, but some of the stippling patterns and options available clearly market the appearance over performance and can look out of place on a gun like this. This pattern just plain works well and looks good too. Asnoted with the other work, the level of dedication did not go unnoticed to me. It takes time, skill and experienceto make a good pattern. There were no sharp peaks and overall the stippling was some of the best I’ve seen. As I stated before, the impression I get with the pattern is geared towards a working gun that is meant to be used. This fits the bill nicely.

When I got the gun to the range, I found the action cycledsmooth and the trigger was pleasant. I ran a variety of rounds through the gun over the course of a few range sessions. I fired approximately 600 rounds of various factory ball and duty loads. The CZ’s performance was boringly reliable, it fed and fired everything I tried and had no stoppages. Ammunition rangedfrom 115 grain FMJ, 124 grain duty loads, 147 grain duty loads and pressures from subsonic to +P. 

The gun’s size allows one to get a good, solid friction gripon the gun and present it with ease. Picking up the dot of the RMR and making hits on steel out to 50 yards was an easy process. I fired my favorite skill assessment drills with the gun and found I shot this as well as any of my handguns. I did not need any time to adjust and get acquainted with the gun; it felt very natural in the hand and presentation. Shooting the handgun was just plain enjoyable, recoil was pleasant and I was always disappointed when I ran out of rounds. 

In addition to the enhancements visible from the outside, Danger Close Armament also offers internal services as well. Some P-10 users have complained of issues regarding the factory magazine release, DCA’s magazine release service resolves any issues. In my experience, use of the magazine release was as one would expect. Polishing the feed ramp of the barrel, action enhancements, and HB Industries trigger upgrades are also available options. I like how they give the customer options; this gives you the choice of choosing only what enhancements are important to you. Often times gunsmiths will only offer packages without the possibility for substitutions. It’s an all or nothing deal. This can be costly and for some, forcing them to accept services that aren’t needed nor wanted.

The evaluation gun seen here is outfitted with all the bells and whistles of Danger Close’s complete package, called the Signature Build. It is available as a complete gun from DCA or you can choose to send a CZ you already own for them to work on. To be clear, CZ owners aren’t the only ones that can take advantage of DCA’s services. Owners of other other popular handguns are welcome to their customization services too. Most slide and frame services can be ordered a la cart. While it’s usually beneficial to package services together as this can save shipping and transfer fees, if policy, budget or other restrictions exist, you can enhance your pistol at your own pace. 

I’ve used the word “enhance” often in this article and I think it is the most appropriate term used when speaking of the work and services done on this pistol. The reality is that enhancing a tool that one would use to protect themselves or loved ones, allows them to use it better. This is a good thing as long as the work doesn’t impair the pistol’s safety mechanisms and reliability. There are countless firearms that are being carried on patrol, in harms way and protecting good people that have been enhanced and are being carried with confidence. The Danger Close Armament CZ P-10 C is something that could easily be one of them. 

Ultimately the choice is up to you on enhancing a firearm of your own and if the value provides a good return of investment. Danger Close Armament’s service prices vary for slide and frame work and complete CZ Signature handguns start at $925.00 as of the time or writing. When I look at the quality or work performed, little details and overall end result, I am impressed. This particular handgun is an excellent example of quality work and from feedback of peers this what they do.

Build Sheet

Danger Close Armament

Signature Build CZ P-10 C


Caliber: 9x19mm

Magazine Capacity: 15+1

Barrel Length: 4.02 in.

Height: 5.2 in.

Overall Length: 7.3 in.

Width: 1.26 in.

Weight Unloaded: 1 lb. 10 oz.

Finish: AlTiN and Cerakote

MSRP: starting at $1,025

URL: danger-close-armament.myshopify.com

Featured Accessories

Trijicon Type 2 RMR 

Danger Close Armament Custom Lower 1/3rd Co-Witness Iron Sights 

INFORCE APLc Pistol Light

Text by Dave Timm / Images by TracerX

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